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Reliable and results-oriented

National and international clients value REBO Vastgoed Management as a reliable and results-oriented partner with a large business relation network. We manage offices, solitary retail properties, shopping centres, commercial buildings, residences and other renowned properties. We are a vigorous organisation growing responsibly and putting our clients’ interests first. REBO Vastgoed Management is, for example, your partner for:

  • technical, financial and commercial property management
  • lease management
  • maintaining contact with tenants and users
  • making building policy plans
  • collecting and producing management information
  • 24/7 help desk
  • making multi-year maintenance budgets
  • organising and coordinating maintenance work
  • monitoring service and maintenance contracts
  • invoicing rent and debtors ledger
  • indexing rent
  • market rent advice
  • providing financial reports
  • drawing up liquidity prognoses
  • international uniform data exchange via REDEX

REBO Vastgoed Management complies with ISAE 3402 type 2, the international standard for the internal control of service organisations. This gives you certainty about the quality of the activities being performed.